The garage door counts as the heaviest item in the home, sometimes weighing from 300 to 400 pounds. In some cases, children see the film Indiana Jones and think of it as cool to slip beneath the door before it closes.

Here’s the problem: Life isn’t a movie. Garage door injuries have a reputation for causing brain injury or even death. Don’t take the risk that it will be your child that suffers an injury.

Teach Your Kids How the Door Works

You should take the time to show your kids how the garage door works. In this way, they will feel less likely to play with it. They should understand the dangers of the garage door.

Explain the pieces of the door to help them understand the importance of each component and what it does. Children might even get away with playing around a garage door multiple times, but it only takes one time for someone to suffer a severe injury.

Never Touch Garage Door Parts

In some cases, they may not try to move underneath the door. Teach your child to never touch the garage door parts. Your fingers could get caught in the machinery and sever the fingers.

The garage door has many moving pieces like the rollers, the hinges and the opener. Each of these pieces can be dangerous to a child when in operation.

Don’t let your child play with the opener either because it reinforces behavior that garage doors can be used as a toy.

Garage Door Safety

Even if you see an object underneath the garage door, you should leave it. Inanimate objects might break or get crushed underneath the door, but that pales in comparison to a human getting trapped beneath the door. Never risk it. Leave the item. In some cases, the object will be fine.

Don’t Let Your Pets near a Garage Door

Along with children, an equal level of danger exists to pets that could get trapped beneath the garage door. Numerous cats and dogs have died because the door closed on them. Also, please don’t install a pet door on it.

Animals are creatures of habit, which means they perform the same task over and over expecting the same results. You don’t want to train the pet to use the pet door on a garage door service safety because it encourages a bad habit.

Even with the Cherry Hill Garage Doors in movement, they won’t understand the danger they’re in. If your dog or cat fears the garage door, let them fear it. It keeps them safe.

Perform Regular Inspection

Modern garage doors have sensors on them to largely eliminate the threat of crushing someone, but you should still take precautions around them. Never trust the sensors because they act as a second line of defense.

Twice a year, you want to inspect your garage door service safety  thoroughly. Inspect the cables, the sensors, the tracks and the spring. While you should perform regular inspections, you should never attempt to maintain it yourself. Leave that to the professionals.

The spring component of garage doors come under extremely high pressure. Someone who doesn’t understand how to properly work on it could suffer serious injury or even death.

Buy Higher Quality Garage Doors

As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” You want a high-quality garage door because it has a lower risk of malfunctioning. The higher quality components installed in it help to reduce your risk.

Not only that, but your ROI on garage door safety sits at 97.5 percent. An update can add to the aesthetic appeal of the home as well. When people look at your home, the garage door safety stands out as one of the biggest faces on the home.

It draws the attention of potential home buyers, which is why you want to pay close attention to what you choose for it.

Keep Tools, Paint and Chemicals out of Reach

We talked about garage doors repair in Cherry Hill, but we should pay attention to the tools, paint and chemicals in the garage as well. This poses an equal level of danger to curious children. Keep the tools, paint and chemicals up high and out of reach of your children.

You might keep it in a locked container. It depends on the age of your child, but never keep anything within reach of a curious child. If you don’t have storage bins and shelving in the garage, this can help you to organize the garage.

Keep Your Car Locked

It only takes a moment of inattention where your child runs inside the garage, finds the garage door opener and starts to play with it unattended. This can cause death. Keep the doors locked because even a three-year-old child can figure out how to enter the door, push the button and play with the door.

The other danger comes from how you could have a toddler who wanders off into the neighborhood, which can be equally as dangerous. You might add a childproof handle if you have a young child to prevent him from opening the door.

Here at Cherry Hill Garage Door in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, we can assist you with installing a new garage door or maintaining a current one. Call us today! We will give you the necessary information. Garage door safety especially matters with children because of how it only takes one mistake to severely injure a child.

As a child, they want to play, and they may not see things as dangerous. You have to take proactive measures to protect your child from harm in the garage. Parents should make their child’s safety a top priority.