Being one of the largest entry points in the home, the garage door security requires some extra security to keep you safe. You want to take active measures to keep your home safe and locked up tight from people who might use any exploit they can find. Not only that, but this will help to provide you with peace of mind when you can put your home on lockdown.

Don’t Leave the Garage Door Remote in the Car

One of the best practices that you can implement is to take the garage door remote out of the car when you leave it. Why should you do this? It creates a security risk to leave it in the car, despite the added convenience.

The remote could fall out of the car where anyone could pick it up. In addition, someone could come along and take the remote out of the car.

Switch to a Remote App

You don’t have to rely on a remote to open the garage door security, and you could even put this onto a smartphone app to add to the home security. Let’s say that the batteries on the remote died, you could be locked out of the garage, but if you have the app on the phone, you have added home security in this way because the remote only dies if your phone dies.

You can also link the smartphone app with a security camera to see who accesses the home, and you can make it extra security because you will have a security camera on it. Because of the added security, garage door smartphone apps have risen in popularity.

Garage Door Security Tips

True, windows might have some aesthetic appeal, but it also allows criminals to see into your garage. They can use the information gained to find the valuables. If people can’t see what you have inside, they will be less likely to steal anything you have inside.

Frosted glass can preserve the aesthetic appeal while still concealing what people can see inside. Garage door security windows look appealing, but you have to remember how they also pose a security risk.

Beware of Windows

You could also use window curtains on your property to keep it safe. However, if you worry that you might forget to close them, you could add adhesive window covering.

Install Motion Sensors

Burglars thrive off the cover of night, and they love to have this to hide in when they go to do a robbery. That is why it would be best if you don’t give them that advantage.

Install motion sensors as a way of exposing any hidden threats, and at the same time, it keeps the burglars from feeling too comfortable. You want that on a property. In addition, motion sensors will draw your attention to anything going on at the property that needs exposure.

Don’t Leave Valuables in the Open

We have to exercise caution and stay safe. Here’s how a thief works. They won’t break into your garage in most cases unless they find it worth the risk of getting caught.

First, they will look around for clues that the garage might be worth breaking into. They don’t go in blindly, and they usually strike fast.

Buy a Garage Door Shield

Perhaps you have even seen the Youtube videos where thieves can access your garage door within minutes using just a wire coat hanger.

Granted, some misguided so-called experts recommend that you could use a zip tie on it, but this can hinder your safety if something goes wrong.

Reinforce Your Garage Service Door

In the vast majority of cases, the garage service door will be weak, and burglars often know this. With a couple of well-placed kicks, they can enter the garage without much problem.

You might add some extra security through adding a deadbolt to the garage door security. You might also add a strike plate that you have reinforced with 3-inch screws. This ensures that you have the best level of security possible.

Old Garage Door Openers

An old garage door opener does pose a threat to your security because of how hackers can use modern-day exploits that an old garage door opener can’t defend against. For example, they might send a copied signal over to the garage door as a means of opening it. They weren’t equipped to handle this hack.

However, the modern day garage door drive openers use rolling code, which will slightly alter the code as it opens. This means that a code grabber can’t simply grab the code and use the information to open your garage door.

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