The number of garage door choices can intimidate you with the limitless possibilities, but you should look at this as a sense of freedom to choose the style of door that you truly want on your home.

Granted, you rarely pause to look at and appreciate a garage door, but it can subtly impact the overall style and feel of your home.

Some of the elements to consider when you buy your next garage door include:

  • Energy savings

  • Curb appeal

  • How to Choose Garage Door

  • Return on investment

  • Style

Energy Savings

The garage door of the home opens and closes with such frequency that you will feel frequent temperature changes within the garage.

In a garage that you rarely use, this doesn’t matter much, but when the garage attaches to the home or doubles as a laundry room or a utility room, this does have its importance. This matters for comfort and the cost of energy as well.

Look at your energy bill, and if you notice a high cost, part of the reason could come from your garage door.

Fortunately, with garage door insulation, this can have a big impact on the temperature, and it will keep the garage 10 to 20 degrees warmer. Check the garage door for its R-value. The higher your R-value, the better the energy savings from your how to choose garage door.

R-value measures thermal efficiency, and a higher value means that you have better insulation.

Curb Appeal

The chosen garage door will account for 40 percent of the home’s appearance largely because of the size of the garage door. If it fails to match the rest of the home, or it looks battered and worn, you may be sending other people the wrong message about your home.

With a newer door, you have to check to see that matches the style of your home. Ask yourself this question, “Does this garage door match the vision I have for my home?” How to choose garage door.

You have different software choices online available to where you can upload of a photo of your home and the garage door wanted.

As you do this, you can choose from the finishes, designs and hardware to make the best decision for your home. With curb appeal, you don’t have a general rule of thumb, but you want a design that will attract the eye of buyers.

Return on Investment

Every homeowner should look at the potential for the return on investment. You have a handful of projects that will yield an awesome return on investment when it comes time to sell.

Surprisingly, of the most popular home improvement projects, garage door replacement projects rank close to the top when it comes to home improvement projects because of the high ROI. Using information from Remodeling Magazine, the average homeowner will recuperate 91.5 percent of how much they spent on their garage door.

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When you look at the return on investment, you must also consider the maintenance of the door. Some garage door repair will require more maintenance than others.

Darker colors, for example, tend to hide dirt better, and they look sharper. In addition, choose a reputable brand because the internal components will last longer so that replace the rollers as often. In general, you can expect to replace the rollers every seven years.


Next, let’s have a look at garage door styles. You have a few different styles available that include:

  • Traditional style doors

  • Raised door panels

  • How to Choose Garage Door

  • Carriage doors

  • Contemporary slab doors

This list of choices by no means covers everything, and you have a variety of choices even beyond these styles, but it covers a set selection of options.

Raised panel doors have become the most common that you will find. Most homeowners think of it as the standard. You have raised-panel doors with floating panels to fit the raise and style frame.

Next, you have traditional style doors. The biggest advantage of traditional style doors comes from the fact that they fit in with most any type of architecture.

Whether you have Colonial, Cape, Victorian, French, Ranch or European style, traditional style doors fit with almost anything. You can order it in a variety of materials and colors, and these hinged panels bend at the seams.

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Carriage doors have gained in popularity over the years. Usually, this style replicates what you’d find on an old carriage house, but they even look great on some of the contemporary homes when chosen selectively.

With the traditional carriage door choice, you will have to open it manually, but you can also choose a style that will have automatic opening.

Finally, you have contemporary slab doors. This style has its limitations to where it only looks good on contemporary style homes.

You have to pay special attention with this door to make sure that it matches the style. If you own a modern home with high tech materials and a clean and fresh design, this can help your door to look its best.

Choose a Practical Door

The different styles of garage doors will operate in different ways, but overhead sectional doors have a lot of popularity because of practicality.

Most homeowners like the convenience these doors and will pair it with an automatic garage door opener. In other words, you don’t have to exit the car, open the how to choose garage door and get back into the vehicle to drive it forward. All of this takes place on its own.

You can automate an overhead sectional door for a much lower cost than what you would with some of the other choices. Granted, you can do this in other ways, but the cost increases with this choice.


Some of the most popular materials that you will find for garage door service include steel, fiberglass and aluminum. These materials are popular choices because of how they have durability, energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency.

At the same time, you don’t have to worry to much about the upkeep of your garage door.

How to Choose Garage Door

Choose correctly and the garage door becomes an extension of the home’s personality. It will add to its curb appeal and make it look even better. The garage door will often dominate the look of your home, so you may want it to look as good as possible.

Take your time when choosing a garage door and ask the help of professionals if needed to get assistance with picking a door that will match the style of your home.