If you live in a region with extreme temperatures an insulated garage doors is a great option when it comes to building your new home or refurbishing your existing one.

Garage is often the biggest room in the house and be a widely used entrance in the way the home is lived in. An Insulated Garage Doors has an extra layer of steel built in for insulation.

Insulated Garage Doors – Benefits

If you are considering a new garage door for an existing home or that dream home you are building a garage door that is insulated is definitely something you’ll want to consider. It adds value to your home and can save you money over days, months, and years.

One of the more affordable renovation options, this is an option that will pay off in the long run.

Insulating your garage door is energy efficient and will reduce wasted energy from heating and cooling your garage.

Often the garage connects directly to the home and having an energy efficient garage can affect the rest of the house and drop energy use even further. Uninsulated garages can often cause cold or hot air to travel to the rest of the home.

Non Insulated Garage Doors – Benefits

Built with a single layer of steel, Non insulated garage doors are less of an upfront financial investment. If you have a garage that is built separately from the home and live in a milder region where the climate doesn’t reach overly high or low temperatures.

Non insulated garage doors might be a viable option and save you money on building or remodeling costs. This can be a few hundred dollars you can put back in the bank or invest elsewhere. from the impact of everyday family life.

What is a Non insulated Garage Doors

Non insulated Garage doors is a Garage door service that is built using a single layer of steel and gives less protection from the elements than a garage door that is insulated.

Single Layer Steel

Another name you may have heard a Single layer steel door referred to as is the “Local Garage Door”. The reason for this name is that they are built from a single, thin layer of steel and aren’t as sturdy as other garage doors and won’t stand up to a wide setting because they are more flimsy.

If used on a door frame that is less than 8 feet by 9 feet they can be quite sturdy, solid and durable. Given the proper setting they are a low maintenance option that can last for years to come.

Double Layer Steel

Double Layer steel doors are made of a layer of steel and a second layer that is made of polystyrene for an extra thermal layer of protection from extreme weather conditions.

Because the Double layer Steel door has multiple layers it is stronger and more durable than the Single layer Garage door. This is an option that might make sense to homeowners who are looking to make an investment in quality.

Triple Layer Steel 

Triple Layer Steel 3x + Insulation or triple Layer steel doors are made of a layer of steel and a second layer that is made of polystyrene for an extra thermal layer of protection from extreme weather conditions.

Insulated Wood Garage Door

Because of the aesthetic beauty and rich look of wooden garage doors they are quite popular. Can they be insulated as effectively as a Steel door? Are they as durable and cost efficient? 

With Today’s craftsmanship and technological expertise in the world of garage doors, they are often made with multiple layers creating an effective level of insulation.

Cherry Hill Garage Door Installations

Given these factors it can definitely make a difference in the way you use your home whether you choose an Insulated Garage Door or a non insulated garage door.

Single layer steel is less protective and durable than the options of Double layer steel, Insulated Wood and Triple layer steel 2 x + Insulation.

Insulation can make the difference of whether you want to spend time in your garage in the winter or summer.