It’s time to buying a garage door. If you’re like most people who find themselves in this situation, you may not know exactly where to begin.

Unlike something such as purchasing a home, buying a garage door is not really something that people frequently talk about doing.

This means that you may not know what kind of criteria is important, or you may have a few things in mind based on your dissatisfaction with a previous garage door without really understanding what else you need to prioritize. The tips below can help you make the right choice.


Garage door safety needs to be your top priority, and you really can’t skimp on this. There are two elements to garage door safety. One is ensuring that it is compatible with your overall home security. You don’t want it to allow easy egress into the garage itself or into the home.

The other is safety in operation. High-quality parts and a sturdy build are important because you don’t want buying a garage door that will fall, damaging your vehicle or even injuring someone.

Your garage door sensors should be able to detect when there is an object in the way, such as a person, an animal or any kind of objects.

Buying a Garage Door

Budget will be an important consideration for many people, but it is important that you balance this against other factors. Go too low budget and you end up with inferior material and find yourself having to do frequent garage door repair and replacement of parts.

Another example of false economy when it comes to sticking to a budget is doing the installation yourself. This is possible, but garage door installation is not the best choice for a DIY project.

It’s both potentially dangerous and also requires specialty tools, plus it will probably take up a lot more of your time than you anticipate.

To make sure that you budget accurately, get an in-person quote rather than one over the phone or online. A salesperson can look at variables including side clearance and the shape of your opening.


Yet another high-priority concern will be the design. First, consider how the garage doors you are looking at will fit with the overall exterior of your house. Then, think ahead.

Garage doors can last for decades, so if you anticipate major changes to the home, make sure that your design choice will remain compatible. If you want windows, you’ll want a style that works with your house as well.

Doors come in a variety of designs ranging from an old-fashioned carriage style look to one that is sleek and contemporary and plenty in between, so you should be able to find the perfect one to fit your tastes.

Maintenance Needs

When you choose the design of your door, be sure you understand what kind of maintenance is involved. For example, you may love the look of wooden garage doors. Keep in mind that they will need more care than doors made of other materials.

For example, you will need to recoat them every few years. This may be well worth it to you but it is something you will want to be aware of ahead of time. Another aspect of maintenance you should take into account is climate.

Fiberglass might seem like a great choice for its durability but very cold temperatures can cause it to crack while steel can rust if it’s humid. Other choices include glass, aluminum and vinyl, and they all have advantages and disadvantages.


There are a few reasons insulation may be an important element for your garage door. First, whatever material you choose for the door itself, insulation will increase its durability.

Second, an insulated garage will mean that your house stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Without insulation, you may end up paying higher utility bills.

Another good reason to make sure you have insulation is to protect your vehicles and whatever else you store in the garage from temperature extremes.

Various components of your vehicle can be damaged if they get very cold. Finally, if you need to do anything in your garage besides dash from your vehicle to the door and back, including getting children in and out, you’ll be much more comfortable if it is insulated.

Note that if you want windows in your garage door, these can be insulated as well.

Garage Door Springs

When it comes to maintenance, springs deserve particular attention. These inevitably wear out over time, but you can avoid a garage door with broken springs by taking good care of the mechanism and opting to pay a little more for springs that are rated for more cycles.

While this costs a little more in the short run, the savings over the long run are substantial because the springs will perform for a significantly longer time period.


Both garage doors themselves and garage door openers come in quieter and louder models. For example, metal rollers make more noise than nylon rollers.

Belt drive on the garage door opener is quieter. Insulation also contributes to a less noisy door.

It’s a good idea to talk to buying a garage door salesperson about your needs and what is available and to ask them if there are any other points besides the above that they suggest you consider.

They can assist you in selecting the best doors based on your preferences.